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#060: Pee Shy - Yellow Race Car

Dean doesn’t often venture into production - this was an early outing, I think it was recorded at the same time as Pee Shy’s Who Let All The Monkeys Out album (which will turn up later in this series) and released before the album on Tampa, FL indie Screw Music Forever - although they weirdly don’t seem to admit it on their (admittedly rather broken) website.

The single was:

  • recorded in 1995 - as was Luna’s Penthouse
  • engineered by Mario Salvati - as was Luna’s Penthouse
  • recorded at Sorcerer Sound in NYC - as was Luna’s Penthouse
  • and, obv, involved Dean Wareham… as did Luna’s Penthouse

The single is a little less polished than the album, Yellow Race Car is a cool bit of noisy mid-90s guitar rock. The b-side is a gentler, piano-driven affair. Both tracks are well worth a listen and since I can’t find this online to link to, here are recordings from my single.

Now I have vague memories about Dean mentioning this production job in an interview, but haven’t tracked that down and probably shouldn’t guess at what I think he might have said.

I only got my paws on a copy of this in 2017 for a fiver on Discogs. I had the album from not long after it’s release in 1996.

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 11/062
  • Artist: Pee Shy
  • Title: Yellow Race Car
  • Notes: Produced by Dean ‘Strap Boy’ Wareham
  • Packaging: Paper sleeve
  • Format: 7”
  • Bought from Discogs for £5 including postage.