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#054: Füxa - Electric Sound of Summer

Füxa’s Electric Sound of Summer was released in 2012 as a picture disc on top London indie Rocket Girl Records, and featured Dean Wareham’s vocals on the cover of Suicide’s Cheree and Britta Phillips singing on the cover of Daniel Johnson’s Some Things Last a Long Time. Both are fine covers and the rest of the album is a treat.

Fuxa - Electric Sound of Summer
Fuxa - Electric Sound of Summer

Füxa is a project of Detroit-based musician Randall Nieman that has been putting out top notch space-rock for many years and Electric Sound of Summer is as fine an example of that as you could want. There’s stacks of great Füxa listening on their Bandcamp!

Unusually for a picture disc (at least in my experience) the album also came in a cardboard sleeve although the opportunity to write detailed credits wasn’t taken so I have no idea if Dean or Britta had any instrumental input on the album.

I’ll have to admit that I’m not really a fan of Anthony Ausgang’s art; psychedelic, stoned, cartoon cats aren’t really my thing. Which is a shame because there’ll be more of his art later. There’ll also be plenty more cover art I don’t like by other artists!