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Listening party for the upcoming re-release of Luna's The Days of Our Nights

Luna’s… difficult fifth album The Days of Our Nights is getting a vinyl reissue in August courtesy of Real Gone Music. On the 4th of August H.I. Art on the Edge are hosting an online listening party.

The Days of Our Nights listening party promo
The Days of Our Nights listening party promo

The listening party will be on the 4th August at 10am (PDT), 1pm (EDT), and 6pm (BST), and Dean Wareham, and perhaps other Luna members might be putting in an appearance. Keep an eye on H.I. Art on the Edge on facebook and on Twitter for more details.

The Days of Our Nights has long been considered Luna’s weakest album, coming as it did at the end of both their Elektra deal, and Justin’s tenure in the band, but it is long overdue a re-appraisal - it does after all have an absolute five-star Luna classic on there!

Dean has been pretty harsh on the album over the years but that wasn’t always the way:

Paul [Kimble, the producer] did a great job, he was very pleasant to work with and he had a lot of great ideas. He’s a musician. This is our first record that was produced by a musician. Well, our the first record was produced by a drummer, Fred Maher, but he didn’t know about singing or chords. It was a bit of a revelation to work with a musician, because they have musical ideas. I forgot how useful that was.”

He was especially down on it in Black Postcards:

We made an album called “The Days of Our Nights”. Our fifth studio album, it is possibly the worst of the seven that Luna made. If you study rock-and-roll bands, I think that the fifth album generally tends to suck.

Recently, however, he has revisited it in the light of the re-release:

I was dismissive of this album in my memoir, but after listening to the test pressings for this new release, I have warmed to it. Any record with “Superfreaky Memories,” “Math Wiz” and “Sweet Child O’ Mine” can’t be all bad. Sometimes as an artist it’s hard to listen to your own record without thinking of the circumstances surrounding its making. The band was under some pressure as we made our difficult fifth album.

You can pre-order The Days of Our Nights on ‘orange swirl’ or ‘cream’ coloured vinyl direct from Real Gone Music or on ‘powder blue’ vinyl from Rough Trade in the UK - and I suspect is some other variants in your fave record shop!