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Lost tracks
Luna - Hello Little One

Hello Little One was the second track on Luna’s transitionary album The Days of Our Nights in 1999, however it had put in an appearance in a different form on the soundtrack album for the Noah Bamubach film Mr. Jealousy.

'Hello little one'
'Hello little one'

Having just posted about Mr. Jealousy in the my record collection series it was pointed out to me that the track hadn’t made it into my lost tracks series despite it being a little bit… lost. So this post is rectifying that.

I haven’t seen the film in a long, long time so I’m not sure how the song is used in the film and how prominent it is. Dean and Noah briefly discussed the song in a piece for Salon back in 2016 where Dean declared a preference for this version:

Right, we were working on “Mr. Jealousy.” And you wrote “Hello, Little One” for the film.

Which we later re-recorded for “The Days of Our Nights.” But I prefer the version on the film soundtrack.