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#018: Luna - Penthouse (deluxe 2xLP)

In 2017 for Record Store Day, Rhino released a double vinyl edition of Luna’s masterpiece Penthouse - now… I have to admit that I’m not good with crowds and will almost never queue for anything so RSD is not something I generally partake in… I used to go into London’s record shops in the weeks following to mop up any leftovers but… no, you won’t find me with a camping chair on a pavement outside Rough Trade West in the early hours of a Saturday in April.

Luna - Penthouse (deluxe 2LP)
Luna - Penthouse (deluxe 2LP)

BUT… Luna! This put me in a difficult position. I needed this, after all it even had tracks I didn’t already own on it! What to do!?

Problem solved - a week before RSD 2017 I got an email from Dean Wareham “I just got a few copies of the Penthouse deluxe LP, will put one in the mail to you” - it actually arrived on RSD - so… I could pretend I’d done RSD but without getting out of my pyjamas!

It is a beautiful package and would have been worth queuing for!

Dean wrote to me…

[T]he new vinyl master by Scott Hull means it is louder and cleaner than both the Beggar’s Banquet LP and the one in the box. Also they worked from the original art files so the cover looks great. There’s a really nice (slower) version of “Tracy I Love You” and an early mix of “Sideshow” with more slide guitar by Sean.

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 12/058
  • Artist: Luna
  • Title: Penthouse
  • Notes: Deluxe double LP edition
  • Packaging: Beuatiful gatefold sleeve
  • Format: 2xLP
  • Gift from Dean Wareham