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#010: Monsters, Robots and Bug Men (CD)

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I have a feeling that I did pick Monsters, Robots and Bug Men up in the Ealing Broadway HMV, although have no evidence. It might seem strange finding a release with Magic Hour on in Ealing, but this compilation was released by Virgin, so probably did get a decent distribution.

Monsters, Robots and Bug Men
Monsters, Robots and Bug Men

This double CD compilation is subtitled a user’s guide to the rock hinterland and as well as Magic Hour (which is why it’s in this series) it has tracks by the likes of Bardo Pond, Fuxa, Windy & Carl and Pram - so I guess the subtitle isn’t too far wrong. The closest it gets to mainstream might be Mercury Rev’s appearance but it was pre-Deserter’s Songs so still not that mainstream.

The Magic Hour track is Chance Was from their second album Will They Turn You On or Will They Turn On You - an album title annoyingly missing a question mark - expect me to whine about that again when the album turns up - which it will do… twice!

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 10/098
  • Artist: Various artists
  • Title: Monsters, Robots and Bug Men: a user’s guide to the rock hinterland
  • Notes:
  • Packaging:
  • Format: Double CD
  • Possibly bought at HMV Ealing Broadway

Magic Hour were the psychedelic rock band that Damon & Naomi played in between their first and second, and second and third LPs.