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Luna - Lunapark
Luna - Lunapark

Luna’s debut album, Lunapark, is going to get a limited deluxe release through Run Out Groove records after coming out top in last month’s poll

Lunapark has previously only been released on vinyl on Australian label Summershine in 1993, and as part of the Captured Tracks Luna box set in 2015, and should the Run Out Groove release come to pass will include “previously unreleased pre-Elektra demos” and “never-before-seen photos”.

I can’t believe it has been thirty years since we recorded Lunapark! It was a revelation to hear these bonus tracks, especially long-lost demos that we made with Dave Fridmann at Toxic Shock studios in Manhattan. And I’m glad to get the ultra-rare 7” “Egg Nog” included here; we recorded that Christmas single shortly after finishing the album and it’s one of my very favorite Luna tracks. Dean Wareham

The Lunapark Deluxe Edition will be available to pre-order until May 31, and a limited number will be available in transparent blue and transparent green vinyl which can be purchased exclusively from Run O)ut Groove while stocks last.

Head over to the Run Our Grooves website to pre-order

Note that this is a pre-order and you probably won’t get your paws on the finished article until January 2023!

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