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Luna release 'Live Bewitched' on Bandcamp

Luna - live Bewitched
Luna - live Bewitched

Back in January 2017 Luna performed three sold out shows at The Chapel in San Francisco, each night playing a full album and over the next three Bandcamp Fridays the band will be releasing the recordings of these shows.

The Chapel is a great sounding room with its wooden walls, floors, and ceiling. We recorded these to multi-tracks; our own Lee Wall mixed the songs at his studio in Austin, Texas, and they really sound exciting to our ears.

The first release is today and is the Bewitched show, and it does indeed sound splendid and has the lovely added bonus of Kelly Kyle guesting on Bewitched (the track).

This will be followed by the Penthouse show on 4th March and Rendezvous on 1st April.

You can checkout and then buy ‘Live Bewitched’ over on Bandcamp now.