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Call for submissions - Everything's Swirling #3 - Luna 30

Luna promo (1992)
Luna promo (1992)

So at some point in January, Luna will become 30 years old - first gig with Stanley was at Maxwells so might be this one in February 1992 where Dean says “This is Stanley Demeski, our newest member” -

But there were shows before that with Byron Guthrie on drums - so… I don’t have an exact date - I have a pre-Stan recording from CBGBs on 17th Jan and Dean mentions a show at Bunratty’s in Black Postcards.

When we arrived at Bunratty’s, Byron announced that he had forgotten his sticks. A small thing. He forgot his sticks. It could happen to anyone. But it seemed significant to Justin and me. When we came back from Boston, I called Stanley Demeski, the drummer for the Feelies.

But… all of that is by-the-by… what I’m really thinking is that this is a good excuse for the next issue of the Everything’s Swirling fanzine!?

And this is, kind of, a call for submissions - it can be of any sort – documentary, fictional, poetic, visual, photographic, etc. – possibly even considering a (download only) audio annexe if anyone fancies it…

Everything’s Swirling #1 celebrated Galaxie 500’s birth

Everything’s Swirling #2 memorialised Galaxie 500’s demise

Everything’s Swirling #3 will celebrate Luna’s 30th birthday - get in touch if you have anything to contribute!