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Luna shows to download from Dimeadozen

Luna 1999
Luna 1999

A couple of Luna shows from the late 90s are currently being seeded on bittorrent site Dimeadozen.

The first is a nice audience recording from a show in Austin, TX in April 1998, and well worth grabbing - here’s an mp3 sample of them playing Firnedly Advice.

Dimeadozen: Luna - 1998-04-04 - Austin TX registration required

The second is a beautiful recording of them while touring The Days of Our Nights in Burlington, VT in December 1999 - it’s a treat to hear the songs from that album that so rarely get an outing these days! Here’s an mp3 sample of them playing Hello Little One. This was one of Justin’s last shows with the band (it may even have been his very last). I suspect that’s him on the trumpet here.

Dimeadozen: LUNA - Burlington, VT 1999-12-13 (SBD Master - Stellar!) registration required