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Video: New video for Midnight from Damon & Naomi's A Sky Record

Dean Wareham and Cheval Sombre poster
Dean Wareham and Cheval Sombre poster

A new video for Midnight from Damon & Naomi’s recent album A Sky Record has just been shared. The beautiful watercoloured/animated/illustrated video was made my Elisa Ambrogio (of Magik Markers).

So this bull is not Zeus, but they are not a regular bull either; they are special. This bull has a robe. The bull meets a reflective spinning sphere, and suddenly is not alone.

There are many subtle layers to this song, it has a wonderful momentum and purity of purpose, and it has so much water lyrically: rain, beaches — the first words are being washed by floods (of feeling). It made me think about a type of love that can feel secret but is all-consuming, and I thought of the type of love a vocation becomes.

I started with movement of watercolors that do not immediately saturate but run, and then soak the page, creating patterns like veins and waves hitting the shore, staining the table, turning the paper delicate and easy to tear. Leonora Carrington conferences of anthropomorphic creatures, a Laurie Anderson instructional diagram, Gary Larson’s The Far Side and old Tennessee Tuxedo cartoons all informed the vibe.

The sphere leads the bull to the places they can go together. The forbidden quality of midnight, nighttime, and the newly forbidden quality of the crowd, the absent cacophony of voices. Together they find a return to the cacophony, the chaotic joy of others. That is fraught in its own way, things have been forgotten and must be relearned. To feel alien is alien. Or is the bull still alone in a bare bulb room, projecting into rooms filled with hands and mouths, being visited not by the bluebird of happiness but the chicken of depression? There’s a place we can go, this song promises, and I chose to believe it.

– Elisa Ambrogio