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Damon & Naomi's A Sky Record round-up

Damon & Naomi - A Sky Record Companion
Damon & Naomi - A Sky Record Companion

Here are a few bits and pieces that have appeared since Damon & Naomi’s gorgeous A Sky Record was released a couple of months back:


  • Tyler Wilcox reviews the album for Aquarium Drunkard

    This is one of Damon & Naomi’s most purely gorgeous sounding records — and considering the glories of what’s come before, that’s a real accomplishment.

  • Louder Than War gives the album 4/5

    There isn’t a dramatic re-invention here, picking up at a similar end point. But there’s renewed clarity and purpose with A Sky Record all the same.

  • Pitchfork give the album 7.2

    A Sky Record is especially generous with Kurihara’s majestic guitar, which is as much of a draw as Damon & Naomi’s calming melodies.

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You can still watch the lovely film they made at The Peabody Essex Museum premiering the album