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Damon and Naomi on the latest Aquarium Drunkard podcast

Damon & Naomi / Aquarium Drunkard
Damon & Naomi / Aquarium Drunkard

Damon and Naomi are the guests on the latest edition of the Aquarium Drunkard podcast

Our talk covers the duo’s days in Galaxie 500, Naomi’s interest in boxing, Damon’s ever fascinating and insightful takes on the state of the industry, and their gorgeous new album, A Sky Record.

Damon has also recently launched a Substack newsletter, The Dada Drummer Almanach which promises…

new music, old music, my own music, my friends’ music, music I’ve found while traveling on tour, music that’s found me at the flea market, record store, or on my favorite AM radio station (there is still one where I live, in Cambridge MA, although at night it’s only audible within a mile or so of the transmitting tower).

I’ll be writing about sounds I hear at art exhibitions, in books, in my garden, and in my head (no drummer doesn’t have at least a touch of tinnitus).

I’ll be writing about drums.

You can sign-up for free, or pay $5 per month and join Damon in subscriber-only roundtables.