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New single from Damon & Naomi's A Sky Record

Damon & Naomi have released the third single from their new album A Sky Record with a video directed by Naomi and fashion designer Gary Graham,

The video was premiered on Brooklyn Vegan:

The video for “The Aftertime” was directed by Naomi and fashion designer and artist Gary Graham. “Gary Graham and I have worked together for almost 15 years,” says Naomi. “I wear his clothing every day and on stage and I have collaborated with him on many videos for his brand, GaryGraham422. ‘The Aftertime’ is a song about the kind of freedom you can give back to yourself, after emerging from a challenging situation — be it a relationship or a year and a half of lockdown…”

Gary adds, “The original idea was about a squatter who begins overlaying her own imaginary world onto an abandoned building. I love the interior landscapes and the seascape and the castle wallpaper — our castles, the interior/exterior worlds we occupy. Naomi’s voice is like an heirloom siren call, the chanteuse as trickster from a faraway place. That place is where Damon & Naomi live, a place that offers a new hypnotic understanding of time, of getting to see how long the sun lasts.”

A Sky Record is released as a book and digital download on Friday via Bandcamp (and elswhere later in the month).