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Virtual pre-show meet-up before Saturday's Luna live streamed show

OK… so here’s a half-baked idea (I have so many)…

Here are some facts

  • In the early hours of Sunday morning UK time Luna are playing a show - live streamed from a club in LA - I intend staying up for it.
  • If this was a regular Luna gig (in a place I was in) I’d have tried to organise a pre-gig get-together - these have, over the years, had varying levels of success - some with a splendid turnout - one where it was literally just me!!
  • The show starts at 2am my time (3am for some other folk in Europe, and a more sensible time for most of the rest of you - including over croissants and coffee in Australia!!)

So… how can I keep myself occupied until 2am and simulate a pre-gig get-together?

How about listening to and chatting over a recording of one of my favourite Luna shows of old?

So at midnight (BST) over on YouTube AHFoW will stream the now almost legendary Luna show from The Borderline in London in 1993 - featuring Dean, Sean, Justin, Stanley… and IWEG*

It runs for 70 mins so will finish at 20 minutes before the Veeps room opens for the show - so time for a wee and to grab a beer, coffee, croissant before the main event!

This link will tell you the time wherever you are.

Come and join me - and we can listen, and chat.

  • IWEG = I Want Everything Girl… she’s from Colchester you know!