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Audio: Full show - Luna at The Borderline in London 1995

Twenty six years ago tonight Luna headlined a show at The Borderline in London. My memories of the show are hazy - 26 years is a long time - I was at the show with my pals Jackie and Stuart (and maybe Ken?). The thing that stuck in my head was that this was the show that Laetitia Sadier joined the band to perform their cover of Bonnie and Clyde - I’m not sure but this might have been the only time this was performed live with Laetitia (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong).

While I say that it stuck in my head I had started to wonder if it was a dream until back in 2010 David Rose wrote up the show for his Gig Diairies blog.

Luna themselves came on at 9.45 and played an hour-long set of splendid atmospheric strumalong rock of the slightly wild West, left-field variety, and were totally at home in this venue. Highlights were the mesmeric “Friendly Advice” and the more in-your-face “Angel” (Luna? In your face? Oh yes!). Dean, joined by Stereolab’s Laetitia for the French duet of “Bonnie And Clyde”, led Luna through a little jewel of a set, far punchier than their more laid-back recorded output, and all the more precious for being unexpected! David Rose’s Gig Diaries

David also has a pic and the setlist scan which I’ve nabbed for this post.

I was then discussing the show with Joe a couple of years back and he mentioned that he had recorded the show so, for your delectation here’s the full show:

Thanks David for the pics and Joe for the recording - and for confirming that it wasn’t a dream.