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Lost tracks
Dean Wareham with Tuatara

Back in 1996, while still a member of Luna, Justin Harwood teamed up with Pete Buck (REM) and Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees) to form the instrumental collective/supergroup Tuatara.

They’ve been an off/on thing ever since, releasing a number of albums of cinematic instrumental music.

Their fourth album East of The Sun (from 2007) however was a bit of a departure in that it included contributions from guest vocalists such as Mark Eitzel, Victoria Williams and John Wesley Harding. It was also a departure in that it didn’t include Justin since he’d moved back to New Zealand by the time it was recorded - he is however still involved with the project, having played (from NZ) on their 2016 album Shamanic Nights.

Dean Wareham lent his voice to two tracks on the album.

Most of Tuatara’s output can be found on Spotify - and there’s some video of a great 1998 performance on YouTube.

Tuatara promo photo from 1997
Tuatara promo photo from 1997