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Video: Train travel with Galaxie 500 soundtrack

So it’s been a year since the current shitshow kicked in good and proper and I have hardly been on a train since then. We had one trip to the North East in the brief period of relaxed restrictions in late Spetember but otherwise my primary mode of transport for a year has been my feet… and I LOVE being on trains - and over the years I’ve loved having my train journeys soundtracked by Galaxie 500.

Over tha past four years in my regular searches of YouTube for Galaxie 500 stuff - in amongst all the videos of cars being stripped down or rebuilt - have been Walter Carlton’s lovely videos. They have been shot through the windows of trains all around the world and have been soundtracked with Galaxie 500’s. I’ve loved them but somehow coming across one this week after a year of almost no train travel made them seem more beautiful than ever.

Departing Buenos Aires’ Estación Constitución southbound to the tune of Galaxie 500’s “Decomposing Trees.” Shot & edited on iPhone February 6, 2018.

There is also…

There’s a complete playlist here - just pop it on - full screen - sit back and wallow in a gloriously soundtracked journey through urban lanscapes from around the world.

This picture is from my last train ride in September - I’m looking forward to being back on the rails!

my last train journey - crossing the Tyne in Newcastle, Spetember 2020
my last train journey - crossing the Tyne in Newcastle, Spetember 2020