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Second Cheval Sombre album of the year available to pre-order from Friday

Cheval Sombre - Days Go By sleeve
Cheval Sombre - Days Go By sleeve

Sonic Cathedral have just announced that the promised second Cheval Sombre album of the year will be released on 28th May and will be available form pre-order from tomorrow (Friday) morning.

Like the first, Time Waits for No One that was released last month, this one Days Go By, was produced by Sonic Boom and will feature “appearances” by Dean Wareham - the nature of those appearances are as yet unclear.

Pre-orders will be up on the Sonic Cathedral shop tomorrow.

The first single from the album, Well It’s Hard, is currently being shared over on Brooklyn Vegan.

“It’s strange, this life – isn’t it? You’ve got all these songs around conceptions of time, it’s over eight years since your last album, you decide to release twin records, and their release dates somehow fall perfectly in line with the unfolding present,” says Chris Porpora, Cheval’s secret identity. “When folks say that the stars conspire to make things happen, I tend to believe it. Time Waits for No One is a dark record, already reminiscent of the shadowy days of winter, of the trials of the pandemic. If Days Go By can coincide with the promise of springtime, bringing with it light, lifting spirits – then I know my work has been done.”