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Video: Dean & Britta play Scott Walker's Duchess

While I loved hearing Dean & Britta playing Homeward Bound what I loved more was them doing this fab cover of Scott Walker’s Duchess - maybe because I love the song a tiny bit more than the Simon & Garfunkel one… (and that just reinforces what a great ear they have for a cover!

They played the song during both their early and late live streams in September - this is from the evening performance. In the earlier one Dean explained how Luna’s Slow Song was “not accidentally”[1] similar to Duchess.

… again - I hope Dean & Britta don’t me sharing this - but it’s just too good not to!

Also - if you have a yen for Dean & Britta rarities don’t forget to head over and support their Patreon where they’ll be sharing lots of gems that I can’t, the latest of which is a bit of Galaxie 500 ephemera - the sort of thing I’ll never get tired of!

Dean & Britta at home - 26th September 2020
Dean & Britta at home - 26th September 2020

[1] I can’t remember the exact words Dean used and Hazel’s hogging the office on a Zoom call so you’ll have to make do with my pseudo-quote!