Audio: Dean & Britta full show from 2009

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Back in March 2009 Dean & Britta played a low-key (and sparesely attended) show for Worcester College Consortium students at The Grind at Clark University, shortly after Matt sent me a recording of the show (and a pictures of the setlist) - he said…

The sound is not perfect, as I was front and center and just had the recorder sitting in a bag, but it is certainly listenable.

I’d have to say that actually the sound is much better than “listenable” (especially considering it was “sitting in a bag”); the setlist was a lovely mix of Dean & Britta (and 13 Most Beautiful), Luna and Galaxie 500; and the atmosphere seemed beautifully relaxed.

And Bewitched has a trumpet… which always gives me chills!


If you prefer you can download the whole show zipped up over here.