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Dean & Britta on Patreon

Dean & Britta on Patreon
Dean & Britta on Patreon

Dean & Britta have just started a Patreon account where fans can support them financially in return for monthly rewards. Each month the duo will be publishing unreleased music, chapters from an audiobook and early access to news and merchandise.

There are currently two tiers of membership:

  • Level 1 - for $5 (or £4 or €4.50 )
    Each month we will deliver three unreleased tracks. These might be studio recordings, new ideas we’re working on, live radio sessions, acoustic demos, unreleased film music from the Dean & Britta archive or quality live recordings. In addition, each month Dean will read a chapter from his memoir, Black Postcards, aloud and deliver the audio in mp3 format. You will also get first notification of new merchandise: vinyl, t-shirts, hats, posters and other collectibles.

  • The Penthouse - for $10 (or £8 or €9 )
    Get the unreleased music and the audio book and early updates, plus a special gift each year. For 2021 that will be a signed, handwritten lyric sheet that will be mailed to you later this year. You choose the song – anything by Dean or Britta or Galaxie 500 or Luna – and we’ll make it happen after you’ve been subscribed for 6 months.

Head over to Patreon for more information and to sign up.