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Bandcamp Firday discounts

Happy Bandcamp Friday! For today’s celebration I’ve reduced prices of the two Galaxie 500 tribute albums I released in 2019 and 2020!

On Fire 30

Cover of the On Fire 30 CD

All the deluxe editions of On Fire 30 are now sold out but the CD only edition can be had for just £2 (plus postage) - the album was released on the 30th anniversary of Galaxie 500’s masterpeice second album On Fire and contains a track-by-track tribute (inlcuding the Blue Thunder EP).

14 tracks by a range of great artists from around the world including the wonderful Britta Phillips covering Leave The Planet, legendary Robert Scott of The Bats playing Tell Me, fab Frnech pop band Vacance’s first ever release with a cover of Strange and much more - and all for just £2!

Buy On Fire 30 on CD for £2 (plus postage)

This Music Is Ours

Cover of the This Music Is Ours CD

The follow up to On Fire 30 was a track-for-track remake of Galaxie 500’s final album This Is Our Music - there are just 12 copies left of this and these are now available for just £5 + postage!

includes badges, stickers, postcards and a booklet of art and words. Another great album with splendid covers from around the world - Melbourne’s Annual Leaf do a brilliant cover of Spook, Miguel M. Matallín from Valencia does a beautiful Way Up High and so much more - and all for just a fiver!

Buy This Music Is Ours on CDR for £5 (plus postage)

Overseas postage prices have gone a bit crazy in recent years so hopefully the discounts make it worthwhile - but if not both albums are available to buy as digital downloads - only on bandcamp!