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Video: Damon & Naomi live in Barcelona in 2018

This video of Damon & Naomi’s full set from their show in Barcelona in 2018 has just arrived on Facebook. They were touring Europe with Thalia Zedek and she joins them for a cover of Leonard Cohen’s Dance Me to The End of Time and Tom Rapp’s Translucent Carriages

They are always a joy to watch.


  • How Do I Say Goodbye
  • Judah and The Maccabees
  • The Eye of The Storm
  • A Shining Dream
  • Lilac Land
  • Turn of The Century
  • A Second Life
  • Helsinki
  • Dance Me To The End of Love (Leonard Cohen) - with Thalia Zedek)
  • Tranlucent Carriages (Tom Rapp) - with Thalia Zedek
  • The Robot Speaks
Damon & Naomi (Barcelona, 2018)
Damon & Naomi (Barcelona, 2018)