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New Release - Dean & Britta Quarantine Tapes 7" box set

Dean & Britta - Quarantine Box (PIAPTK, 2020)
Dean & Britta - Quarantine Box (PIAPTK, 2020)

Available now from Dean Wareham’s website is this lovely box set of lathe-cut singles all recorded during Dean & Britta’s lockdown in Echo Park either during their live sessions or in their home studio. They are also available from the PIAPTK website

The box-set contains six square, clear plastic, two-sided 7” singles and will come with a bonus star shaped (although… is that a star?), one-sided single.

Track listing as follows:

Disc 1

  • Massachusetts (The Bee Gees)
  • Air (The Incredible String Band)

Disc 2

  • Sadness (Donovan)
  • Ride Into The Sun (The Velvet Underground)

Disc 3

  • Neon Lights (Kraftwerk)
  • Neon Lights (Holy Shit remix)

Disc 4

  • I’m So Bored With the USA (The Clash)
  • Drive (The Cars)

Disc 5

  • Most of the Time (Bob Dylan)
  • Indian Summer (Beat Happening)

Disc 6

  • He Dines Out On Death (Cristina)
  • 23 Minutes in Brussels (Luna)

These six singles can also be bought separately for $12.99 and includes a download of all the tracks.

Bonus “star” shaped single only available with the box

  • Parking Lot (Galaxie 500)

Buy from Dean Wareham’s shop or the PIAPTK website for $74.99 plus postage - there’s a warning about international shipping being rubbish so… make your choice!

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You can also buy downloads of all the tracks except Plastic Bird from Dean & Britta’s Bandcamp