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Twenty Galaxie 500 covers for 2020

Galaxie 500 (photo R. Deluze)
Galaxie 500 (photo R. Deluze)

In the far distant past, before all of… this, this year’s Record Store Day back in April was to include the first ever vinyl release of Galaxie 500’s live album Copenhagen … and to accompany that release was planned a concert of Galaxie 500 covers at Roght Trade in Brooklyn…

… and then…

… but, the vinyl release of Copenhagen will still be released, that’s happening in the first of the Record Store Day drops on the 28th August - and while the concert can’t happen some of the performers have recorded locked-down home videos which are going to be presented online in the run up to release day.

For the twenty weekdays from today (Monday 3rd August) until release day one video will be released online each day featuring a host of talented artists covering Galaxie 500 songs, some very familiar names will be cropping up featuring members (or former members) of bands such as Beat Happening, Sonic Youth, Mercury Rev, The Feelies and The Pains of Being Young at Heart

The website is here:

… and Rolling Stone has some details and hints at what’s upcoming:

The series, curated by David Newgarden (formerly of WFMU around the time Galaxie 500 were active), opens with Kiwi Jr. covering Tugboat.

Here’s a YouTube playlist of all 24 covers in the series.

Galaxie 500 Copenhagen - Record Store Day 2020 edition
Galaxie 500 Copenhagen - Record Store Day 2020 edition