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#002: Lunafied CDR by Luna

Luan - Lunafied CDR (2006)

In 2006 Rhino decided to release a digital-only album of Luna’s covers. Lunafied arrived in the digital stores with an amazing camera obscura sleeve by Abelardo Morell - but it only existed as a digital release which seemed a shame.

I emailed Dean to find out if it was likely to get a physical release some time, sadly not but Dean burnt me a CDR and mailed it off to me…

Here you are Andy
“Lunafied” was coined by a fan in an
email, one of those “Ask Lee
he knows” things we used to do.

A different Lunafied did get a CD release as the second disc on the Beggars Banquet Best of Luna CD - but without the sleeve - although of course Best of Luna has a brilliant Adrian Tomine sleeve so I couldn’t really complain! BTW Dean I’d love a vinyl release of that so I can have some 12” artwork!_

It was a long time coming but 13 years on a fantastic double LP of Lunafied arrived via Run Out Groove Records. It had all the tracks from both the US (digital) and the UK (Best of Luna) Lunafieds - and it had a gorgeous, glossy 12” sleeve with Abelardo Morell’s artwork.

Dean’s shop has a few copies of the lovely double LP Lunafied for sale - grab one while you can!

I thought I’d just go through some of the stuff I’ve acquired over the years and post about it here… how interesting the posts (and artefacts) are will undoubtedly vary!