On Fire commentary by Dean Wareham on Pandora

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Dean Wareham has recorded some commentary on Galaxie 500’s masterpiece On Fire for Pandora

Galaxie 500 - On Fire

The streaming music service Pandora currently has a playlist where Dean chats about the making of On Fire. I think the playlist is for subscribers only but if you aren’t subscribed you can sign up for a free 60 day trial. Non-US users might need to find a way of preteending they’re from the US - but that’s not hard - and a PayPal account and GMail address and a Zip code are all fairly easy to come by :)

Dean Wareham on Galaxie 500’s On Fire playlist on Pandora

Snowstorm, one of our slowest songs… well, it’s really all about the… well it’s a great bassline, and the wah pedal, I was playing a wah-wah pedal because there happened to be one sitting at Kramer’s studio. I think it belonged to Sonic Youth who used to rehearse there. So the wah, and the bassline and the cymbal splashes… and lyrically it’s a song not so much about a snowstorm but how excited the local news people and the weather people get when a storm’s approcahing… they sort of go into a frenzy.