Galaxie 500 on 120 Minutes

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The music portions of this video of Galaxie 500 playing 120 Minutes turned up on the Don’t Let Our Youth Go To Waste DVD set a couple of years back - but the interviews on the DVD were from February 1990 when the band were touring with The Sundays.

The videos where repackaged with a new interview and broadcast in June 1990 when the band were over doing the Euro festival circuit.

You’ll need to crank up the volume a bit as it’s a wee bit quiet in the interviews.

Here’s the earlier package as broadcast…

MTV: When you're making your records what kind of atmospheres are you looking for?

Dean: Two parts wimpy, one part atmospheric, one part...

Damon: Fragility

Dean: A little dash of pastoral imagery. All that crap

Damon: It's a formula. We found it in a book actually

Galaxie 500 on 120 Minutes
Galaxie 500 on 120 Minutes