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New Damon & Naomi compilation released

Damon & Naomi in the 21st Century

Damon & Naomi have just released a new compilation of tracks from their 20|20|20 albums. Damon & Naomi in the 21st Century is a companion piece to the bands Sub Pop Years released ten years ago.

The album is available for pay what you like at the band's bandcamp page and comes with a pdf of liner notes written by Jenn and Liz Pelly.

It’s music that makes time stop, or stretch, or slow down. Songs where the ticking clock is not met with pure anxiety
They make me want to see what else the world might have to offer beyond what I know. They make me want to chase ecstatic inspirations as far as they go.

Head over to Damon & Naomi's bandcamp page and fill your boots (and throw a bit of cash their way while you're there).