Luna in Copenhagen - September 2018 (AHFoW)

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Luna at Loppen, Copenhagen
Luna in Copenhagen

We took the train from Copenhagen to Aarhus sharing the carriage/journey with Joakim and Ulrika. We arrived in the rain and went looking for, and eventually finding, food. Always the priority on arrival in a new city.

Luna were playing in Loppen in Freetown Christiana, a strangely bohemian part of the city. We wandered through the drugs stalls and ate falafel and drunk lemonade ~ I'm not sure Freetown was ideal for my uptight-ness. Motorhead's Killed By Death played on a nearby radio.

The venue was low ceilinged and oddly laid out, it had the charm of rock venues of the past - the sort of charm that was better in nostalgia than in reality. It filled up, and heated up.

Echo Ladies at Loppen in Copenhagen
Echo Ladies in Copenhagen

First up were Echo Ladies, whose recent Pink Noise LP on Sonic Cathedral is a gem, and who I'd managed to miss on their recent visits to London. It was good to get to see them.

Luna played I Want Everything which I was hoping to get to hear on this tour but hadn't turned up in the two shows so far. I noticed that Fuzzy Wuzzy had been crossed off the set list. That was a bit sad (luckily Mike also noticed the crossing out and took steps to rectify that in Stockholm).

The band were tight and the crowd were fans - Chinatown almost drifted into sing-a-long territory. It was a good show - but the heat and the crowds meant when the ending arrived it came as a bit of a relief.

You can download the full show at From the basement

Luna - I Want Everything (Copenhagen, 2018)
Luna at Loppen, Copenhagen
Dean Wareham of Luna in Copenhagen
Luna at Loppen, Copenhagen
Britta and Dean throw rock shapes in Copenhagen

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