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When it was all over - Luna's split 13 years ago tonight

I was just listening to Luna's encore from their "last ever show" again - from 13 years ago tonight. It sounded lovely even if it wasn't really their last show after all! I thought you might like to hear it too…

Luna NYC 050228
I kept asking myself, "How do you feel?" I should have felt sad, right? And I was sad, but I also knew I was ready for it to be over. We played "Indian Summer" for the very last time, and I thought, we're playing it for the last time. I had always enjoyed listening to Sean's beautiful guitar solo, the way he bent certain notes on his Jazzmaster. Tonight I moved stage left so I could hear it better. Then I counted down to the end, the two notes that go back and forth all through the song, and we were done playing that particular song, and launched into "23 Minutes in Brussels," which builds to a pounding climax but then falls apart softly and slowly. We exited the stage, and it was a relief to be walking upstairs, knowing that we would not be back the very next night.
Dean Wareham - Black Postcards (2nd edition, Penguin Books 2009)

The encores

Luna, final show, after party

… for ten years anyway.