Xmas countdown 1: I made (and drunk) an egg nog

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I've never had an egg nog. To me Egg Nog is primarily a Luna tune, and secondarily some strange unknown seasonal beverage. This year I decided to make an egg nog! You can catch most of my egg-nogging as an Instagram story for the next 24 hours! Or just stay here, look at a couple of photos and listen to the aforementioned Luna gem.

After some egg nog research I opted to follow the recipe Felicity Cloake posted to The Guardian - to be honest whenever I make almost anything I've never made before Felicity's How to make the perfect… series is invariably where I end up.

I made half the quantity, because there's only three of us, and one of us (me) almost never drinks! And Felicity's recipe had a lot of booze in it - a mix of rum and madeira. Also lots of cream, lots of sugar … and of course eggs.

It's dead easy to make and is a beautiful, thick, creamy concoction and one ladleful has me feeling quite light-headed. Hazel's done her best to get through some but there's still a jug of it in the fridge!

Luna - Egg Nog

Have a fantastic Christmas and a fab 2018 full of all the good things!

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