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Luna - A Sentimental Education (Photo: Luz Gallardo)
Luna - A Sentimental Education (Photo: Luz Gallardo)

If you haven't been watching closely (or haven't "pledged") you might have missed things happening on Luna's Pledgemusic. If you've not pledged this is what you can get in addition to an album for as little as a tenner!

A non album track to download! Luna covered a Monochrome Set obscurity. Inside Your Heart is…

a very early song by London's Monochrome Set — possibly when they were called the B-Sides and featured one Stuart Goddard (Adam Ant) on bass guitar.

There is also some video of Luna in the studio recording the song.

picture of a goat, on a roof
… and a goat!

A lovely shaky video of Justing joining Luna on stage in Wellington, plus some soundcheck footage in Auckland. And a goat. On a roof. Obviously.

Video of Dean listening to the album and EP test pressings

Another Luna "Stoner Jam" to download

Okay, so there are only a handful of these and they're pretty loose and sloppy but, hey… that's what a stoner jam is all about… exploratory noodling… and this one has a nice little germ of an idea in the middle and gives you an idea of how stuff happens.

… and posters, cymbals, and socks!

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A collection of AHFoW related releases on Bandcamp
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