'The ambition was never to be on TV' - Galaxie 500's UK TV appearances

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Galaxie 500
Galaxie 500

A video of Galaxie 500 being interviewed on UK telly promoting On Fire has just turned up on YouTube, this goes alongside other UK appearances that have been around for a while…

This tells us two things…

  • The UK really did love Galaxie 500!
  • Music on telly was so much better back then, can you imagine Galaxie 500 getting on national TV now!?

Anyway, enough of me moaning - enjoy the clips:

Galaxie 500 - Transmission (ITV, 1989)
Seize the day, and try and sell a lot of T-shirts
Galaxie 500 - Rapido (BBC, 1990)
They're so eclectic they even dip into the perplexing oevre of that former professional avant-gardist turned professional rock widow Yoko Ono for a version of the very deep Listen, the Snow Is Falling, how evocative, how meaningful, how to say… Rapido
Galaxie 500 - SNUB TV (BBC, 1990)
Not much variation, sometimes it's verse, verse chorus sometimes it's verse, chorus, verse, chorus
They never write in an American review 'this is a great pop song', that's like an oxymoron

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On Fire 30 CD sleeve (design: John Conley)
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