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'The ambition was never to be on TV' - Galaxie 500's UK TV appearances

Galaxie 500
Galaxie 500

A video of Galaxie 500 being interviewed on UK telly promoting On Fire has just turned up on YouTube, this goes alongside other UK appearances that have been around for a while…

This tells us two things…

  • The UK really did love Galaxie 500!
  • Music on telly was so much better back then, can you imagine Galaxie 500 getting on national TV now!?

Anyway, enough of me moaning - enjoy the clips:

Seize the day, and try and sell a lot of T-shirts
They're so eclectic they even dip into the perplexing oevre of that former professional avant-gardist turned professional rock widow Yoko Ono for a version of the very deep Listen, the Snow Is Falling, how evocative, how meaningful, how to say… Rapido
Not much variation, sometimes it's verse, verse chorus sometimes it's verse, chorus, verse, chorus
They never write in an American review 'this is a great pop song', that's like an oxymoron