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Damon Krukowski heading out on a solo tour to promote The New Analog

The New Analog by Damon Krukowski
The New Analog by Damon Krukowski

Next month Damon Krukowski will be heading out on a solo talking tour to discuss and promote his forthcoming book The New Analog.

The book will be released on the 22nd April (Record Store Day - but suspect there'll be copies to buy at the dates before that) and during the tour he will be speaking to such vocal and opinionated luminaries as Amanda Palmer, former Steve Albini and Ian Svenonious (author of Supernatural Strategies for making a Rock 'n' Roll Group).

An early review of The New Analog appeared on Kirkus a few days ago…

The book is less a study of older formats’ current popularity and more a survey of the struggles between permanence and ephemera, as well as artists’ visions and the consumer marketplace, playing out over decades of technological and industry changes.


Krukowski’s writing is witty and generally accessible, though his detours into recording minutiae and avant-garde ideas about sound and art may lose some readers.

As a fan of both minutiae and avant-garde ideas I'd consider the last paragraph a selling point!

18 April 2017 Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA
20 April 2017 KEXP, Seattle, WA, USA
22 April 2017 PopCon 2017, The Museum of Popular Culture, Seattle, WA, USA
24 April 2017 Powell's on Hawthorne, Portland, OR, USA
26 April 2017 City Lights Books, San Francisco, CA, USA
27 April 2017 Point Reyes Books, Point Reyes, CA, USA
30 April 2017 Book Soup, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2 May 2017 Quimby's, Chicago, IL, USA
4 May 2017 Civilian Art Projects, Washington DC, USA
6 May 2017 Rough Trade NYC, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Damon Krukowski
Damon Krukowski