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My favourite Galaxie 500 covers #5: Half - Sorry


So I kicked off this series without really thinking it through - I set two stupidly arbitrary rules for myself[1] ~ the second one was not to over-mine the rich seam that the two tribute albums provided. This meant I had to pick from them for reasons that might seem a little… unfair.

Blue Thunder, a Tribute to Galaxie 500 was released earlier this year with some gems - and when I started this series I had no idea which track (or tracks) I'd pick from it.

Then this happened:

So, fifth in this series of my favourite Galaxie 500 covers is this very splendid cover of Sorry by "North East England-based bedroom producer" Half and featuring Jason Russo formerly of Mercury Rev. Who knows? I might have picked it anyway - it starts with a lovely organ, has some nice programmed percussion and a pedal steel all of which might easily have been enough to get them in here - but I'll admit that the tweet was definitely the clincher!


1: Five songs in, so feel free to guess at what "arbitrary rule #1" is!