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Happy birthday Naomi Yang (2016 edition)

damon & naomi 10 april 2013

Happy birthday Naomi Yang Galaxie 500’s bassist (and occasional singer) and Damon & Naomi’s Naomi.

Here’s Damon & Naomi’s gorgeous cover of Pearls Before Swine’s Translucent Carriages

Damon & Naomi are currently touring in China which means I’m rattling this post off while it’s still Naomi’s birthday where she is!

It’s well worth following Naomi’s Instagram and Damon’s Twitter for details of their Chinese sojourn.

Shanghai dressing room selfie @garygrahamnyc #garygrahamnyc @garygrahamtribeca

A photo posted by Naomi Yang (@naomivision) on

Have a lovely day Naomi!