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Happy birthday Damon Krukowski (2016 edition)

Happy birthday to Damon Krukowski, Galaxie 500's drummer and Damon & Naomi's Damon.

In 2016 he has shown his true rock and roll credentials by falling down hotel stairs and playing (half) a gig mere hours later, followed by an ambulance trip, a few hours in A&E and then being back on-stage in another country a day later!

Here he is on-stage in London with Richard Youngs, after the fall but before the ambulance trip…

Richard Youngs with Damon Krukowski

… and here on stage in Berlin a couple of days later playing a makeshift drum kit for Richard …


… and then performing Fortune …


Here's a lovely clip of Damon & Naomi playing The Turn of the Century in Taiwan last year:

Happy birthday Damon - have a great year and a little less cliché rock and roll!

Damon in hospital
Damon in hospital