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Damon Krukowski: The New Analog - a free talk on Thursday in Boston

Damon Krukowski - The New Analog
Damon Krukowski - The New Analog

Damon will be presenting a talk presenting ideas from his forthcoming book The New Analog on Thursday 11th August in Boston

The talk will take place at the recently opened The Podcast Garage at 267 Western Avenue, Boston MA.

The book of The New Analog will be coming out on The New Press in 2017 and will...

[argue] that the preservation of aspects of analog in the digital era is necessary for the arts. It posits a definition of analog not as the ante- or anti-digital, but as a set of relationships crucial to the use of all our senses and to our sense of community. It does not make an argument for a nostalgic return to the past, proposing instead that the analog need not and should not be left behind in our rush toward a digital future.

Head to the events Facebook page for more details.