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Damon & Naomi with Ghost is now available on Bandcamp

Damon & Naomi's tremendous fourth album Damon & Naomi with Ghost is now available on Bandcamp.

The very lovely Damon & Naomi with Ghost #lp #damonandnaomi #withghost #ghost #vinyl #ahfow
Damon & Naomi with Ghost LP

For those who prefer their beautiful albums in a more tactile form you can also buy the album on CD and vinyl from 20|20|20.

The album was released in 2000 and was recorded with Japanese band Ghost…

We first met the Japanese band Ghost in 1995; despite any language barriers, we understood one another immediately and soon became friends. We have since toured together in both the U.S. and Japan, and on occasion Ghost has joined us on stage to play our songs. After a show like this in Tokyo in the fall of 1998, we decided to record an album together. Over the course of the following year, we sent our new songs to Japan, and Ghost sent back ideas for production and arrangements. They also sent music for a new song of theirs, to which we added lyrics. Then, in the last days of 1999 and the first of 2000, Ghost came to our studio to record this album, and celebrate the New Year, together.
Damon & Naomi, Spring 2000
Two covers, two epics and a handful of prime examples of cross-pollination (indigenous species can be improved upon when introduced to a carefully chosen specimen from a different culture, a different world, it seems: witness the quintessential Damon & Naomi pieces The Mirror Phase, Judah and the Maccabees and Don't Forget, on which Damon and Batoh out-pick one another in turns on acoustic guitar): This is one of those rare collaborations which, it seems, could only have been driven by the hand of Fate. It's as if it were meant to happen, and now at last the waiting is over. Countless hours went into its creation and it's guaranteed to bring the listener reward in equal quantities.
Phil McMullen - Ptolemaic Terrascope