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Terry Tolkin Kickstarter campaign - America On A Thousand Dollars A Day

Terry Tolkin introducing Luna in Austin (Photo: Joakim)
Terry Tolkin introducing Luna in Austin (Photo: Joakim)

Terry Tolkin is the A&R man who signed Luna to Elektra and anyone who's encountered him on Facebook knows that he has a hatful of amazing stories about the music industry that would make an amazing book.

UPDATE:Terry has now updated his Kickstarter with an affordable option for those of us who aren't as rich as the rock stars! It now has a $25 starting pledge... and this is a book that's needing to be written...

I've added a couple of “Rewards" for the more Pavlovian sector of my potential backers.

I don't have the artwork yet but I've conjured up a jubilant Back Stage All EXCESS Pass/Bookmarker for donations on the $25 level. Immagonna print up a 100 of these. Then I'll come up with something else for that level of commitment.

I've got ONE First Edition copy of Michael Galinsky's “Malls Of America" photo book! It's signed by Michael and will include a one-off reproduction 8×10 print of Dean Wareham which will be signed by both Dean and Michael. Check out the latest edition of glamour magazine, “Dangerous Minds" for a gluttonous reprint/review of Michel's book. Look, I know we all poor and that you can currently purchase this book for $350 online. But c'mon, help a ni**a out! ;))

There's also an unlimited supply of $5000 Rewards.

Claim this Grand Puba if you DON'T want me to mention you in the book, K?

Well Terry has just launched a Kickstarter with that very object in mind:

i am going to write my autobiography. Its about an average music fan who fell upwards into becoming a major player in the music industry as an A&R man. Read the Wikipedia link that Ive already provided. Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll from the person who coined the term Alternative Music

Currently you can either pledge $100 (or more) for a personally inscribed book, or just throw a few dollars to make it happen.

With the funds raised here i will purchase a laptop, some recording equipment and a used car. I will travel the country to gather personal recollections from those whom I've interacted with and the impact it had on their lives and/or careers and peppered it with my own recollections as well. It's gonna be an interesting ride!

Head over to the Kickstarter page where you can pledge a bit of cash to help this happen.