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Britta Phillips - Making a record
Britta Phillips - Making a record

It's been just over a month since Britta announced her debut album on Pledgemusic and she's been treating all the folk who've pre-ordered with a stack of updates.

The Pledgemusic store is packed with goodies including signed test pressings, t-shirts, rare vinyl, Luna posters, and handwritten lyric sheets - as well as, of course, CD and vinyl copies of the album itself - and with all the extras being posted (see below) you'd be silly not to head over to Pledgemusic and order something.

You can also check out this nice Q&A with Britta.

If you haven't put your order in you've been missing out on posts:

… about the recording process…

Then Dean played guitar on 3 more songs – we kept his original guitars on "Landslide" and "Fallin' In Love." I kept my original demo guitars on the 4 songs I play on. I especially like what I played on the song "Luck or Magic," but I’m not really a guitar player…

… stacks of downloads of full tracks, demos, snippets etc. Including both sides of teh Fallin' In Love/Hey Paula single; a couple of Jem era tracks; early demos of her cover of Drive (The Cars)

… and some lovely little video clips!

The cover of Drive is the 2nd single from the album and is available on iTunes if you prefer to work that way. It also has a video directed by Debra Scherer of The Culture Crush

Drive - Britta Phillips (Dir: Debra Scherer)

Britta has also been added as support to Luna's shows in Dallas, Austin and Houston in May!

See all Luna's upcoming shows.

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A collection of AHFoW related releases on Bandcamp
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