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Video: One Fine Summer Morning by Britta Phillips

Britta Phillips - One Fine Summer Morning
Britta Phillips - One Fine Summer Morning

Check out the lovely video for the first single from Britta Phillips' debut album.

The single is Britta's cover of Evie Sands' One Fine Summer Morning and the video was directed by Mike Spano.

Dean shot the video of me on my iPhone in our backyard and I sent it to Mike in Philly and he made it beautiful and trippy. I first met Mike at a Luna show way back in 2000 and we’ve kept in touch over the years. He was very generous in offering to make a video for me and I’m so pleased with how it came out.

I delayed shooting the video for him for ages … He sent me the song sped up so that he could slow down the video and it would match, but I couldn’t get through it without cracking up, so he sent me another that was a bit closer to the original tempo and it worked.

The album, Luck or Magic, will be released on the 29th April and is available to order on Pledge Music