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Dean Wareham touring Europe with 'Exposed: Songs for Unseen Warhol Films' in May 2016

Exposed: Songs for Unseen Warhol Films
Dean Wareham performing Unseen Warhol in 2014 (Photo: stupid blue on Flickr)

Exposed: Songs for Unseen Andy Warhol Films which premiered in October 2014 will be touring Europe in May 2016.

The show was produced by The Andy Warhol Museum and curated by Dean Wareham and, as well as Dean, features Tom Verlaine (Television), Martin Rev (Suicide), Eleanor Friedberger (The Fiery Furnaces) and Bradford Cox (Deerhunter).

Dates confirmed so far are:

16 May 2016 The Barbican, London, UK
18 May 2016 Le Lieu Unique, Nantes, France
21 May 2016 Cité de la musique, Philharmonie 2, Paris, France

There's a longer trailer here but embedding's been disabled... they obviously don't want people trying to sell tickets for them <sigh></p>