Dean & Britta talking soundtracks and Mistress America on WFMU

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Dean & Britta
Dean & Britta

On Tuesday Dean & Britta were on WFMU soundtrack show Morricone Island for a lengthy interview about scoring for movies and other aspects of their career, touching on Mistress America, 13 Most Beautiful and even Jem.

The show was an hour long and you can listen to it in all its glory on the Morricone Island web site.

Britta mentions her solo album which is due for release in April of next year, and Dean has mentioned the "cowboy songs" album again... although it's over 18 months since that first got a mention so may still be a way off!

Listen: Dean & Britta on Morricone Island on WFMU

MP3: Here's a direct link to the MP3 if you want to keep it for posterity (who'd do that!?)

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