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Happy birthday Damon Krukowski (2015 edition)


Today is Damon's birthday - he'll be spending it in Seoul, South Korea ahead of Damon & Naomi's show there tomorrow evening.

Here’s a lovely video of Damon & Naomi playing Turn of the Century in front of an enormous screen in Seattle a few months back.

Damon is currently working on a book about music and technology and it’s worth following him on Twitter (@dada_drummer) and Tumblr for his ruminations and insights into the subject.

You can also catch up on his work beyond Damon & Naomi on his new website dadadrummer.com.

It’s a book that uses the facts—and not terribly obtuse ones—of music technology, things anyone who has been in a band or been in a studio knows, but others may not. I’m using these things to think through changes in our communication patterns with one another both musical and non-musical ways—essentially, using audio, because it’s what I know best, to think about our social relations and how that has been affected by the shift from analog to digital. It’s not an anti-digital book, and it’s not a pro-digital book. It’s just a look at what some of these changes we’ve experienced might mean.

Have a great day Damon!