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Mistress America round-up

Dean Wareham in a promo still from Mistress America
Dean Wareham in a promo still from Mistress America

A quick round up of some Mistress America bits and pieces out there on the web:

The New York Times reviews gives the film a glowing review and picks out Dean & Britta’s score:

A gleaming electropop score by Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips gives you a sense of teetering on a merry-go-round

Dean & Britta had a lovely long radio interview with Ioan Dyer about scoring for films and how they got involved with working on Noah Baumbach’s on Mistress America.

You can hear the full interview (without the music) over on Soundcloud:

The soundtrack album is now available as a CD or a digital download in all the usual places including iTunes, Amazon. It’s also available to stream on Spotify (and possibly the other streamimg services). You can also hear a few of the tracks on Soundcloud.

There’s a nice interview over at Noisy:

People often ask me, ‘Do you like scoring film?’ The truth is, not always. But its good to work and it’s a lot more fun if it’s a good film and if the director is good. I think it’s the same for actors. Even actors who have their pick over every single film they do, how many really good films do they get to make? Not a lot, I think.

To tell you the truth, Britta is a lot more patient with learning new software than I am. So when we score together, there are things that she writes and things that I write, but all the detailed work — all the hard work [laughs] — she does. Like stretching things for time or hurrying them up, editing, getting into the nitty-gritty.