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Gallery: Galaxie 500's last show

Naomi Yang at Galaxie 500's last show in 1991 (photo: Dan Pearson)
On the 5th of April 1991 at Bowdoin College, Maine Galaxie 500 played their final show. Possibly only one person at the time knew it was going to be their last.

We had one additional show booked for the following night, at Bowdoin College in Maine. April 5, 1991. We were scheduled to go on at nine that night, but the opening band played for an hour and a half while we waited in the green room that the students had set uo for us. Being a college band, they didn;t know that the opener is supposed to play a short set and then get off the stage. We sat in the green room getting more and more irritated. And that was our final show - an annoying evening at Bowdoin College.

I made it through the set, loaded my amplifier and guitar into the back of my blue '75 Dodge Dart, and drove back to New York City.

Was I being a shit? Should I have told them, as we packed up our cars that night, that we had just played our final show? Should I have told them before the show? None of that seemed like a very good idea. I would call them from New York.
Dean Wareham - Black Postcards (2008)

What happened was simply that Dean quit, more or less out of the blue, on the telephone one day [...] in fact he didn't even place the call! It was after we had finished what turned out to be our lasy tour, which was an opening slot for the Cocteau Twins in the States; we had an upcoming tour to Japan [...] so I called Dean to say "let's buy our tickets", and he said no, I quit. No explanation, just "there's nothing more to talk about" and that was it. A lot of years of friendship, not too mention the band, down the drain in a minute.
Damon Krukowski - Ptolemaic Terrascope No.23 (1997)

Back in 2003 Dan, who booked the show, got in touch and sent me four pictures and a poster from Galaxie 500's final show, adn a few memories:

Dean drove a Dodge Dart to Maine. Damon & Naomi drove up in a blue Saab 900. Damon had a drum kit that said Galaxie 500 in silver on the bass drum. Naomi wore orange leggings. About forty or fifty people came to the show.

Dean Wareham (photo: Dan Pearson)

Naomi (photo: Dan Pearson)

Naomi (photo: Dan Pearson)

Poster from Galaxie 500's last ever show in April 1991