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In other news...

Away from Dean's new record, and Lou Reed's passing here are a few other bits of news that you may have missed...

Damon has written another piece for Pitchfork, this time discussing the The Roaring Twenties a website that explores the "histrorical soundscape of New York"

Noise and music are not always the same, but to the historian they certainly can be: "Musical Instruments" is one of the categories of sounds on The Roaring Twenties, as is "Radio and Music Shops" (don’t miss the fantastic newsreel footage of Radio Row on Cortland Street, where all the shops broadcast different music into the street simultaneously). Context, or Thompson’s "historicized mode of listening," would seem to be precisely what we are losing by listening online.

Dean & Britta are playing two shows as part of Wesley Stace's Cabinet of Wonders - Dean posted on Facebook... "we will play three songs in a night of music, comedy, and I'm not sure what else" - they play on the 11 November in San Francisco and on the 13th in Santa Barbara.

If, like me, eight an a half years of no Luna has left your wardrobe looking a little faded and worn you'll be pleased to here that Luna's 70s NASA design T-shirt has been re-issued in black - you can buy one for $20 from Dean Wareham's online store

Luna's 70s NASA T-shirt